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Yoga Life

Why do yoga?


  • It helps you live in the present
  • It helps with stress relief
  • You will sleep better
  • It can help relieve chronic pain
  • It will make you stronger
  • You will gain flexibility AND mobility
  • It helps the body detoxify and aids in organ function
  • Gain a sense of inner calm
  • It reminds you to breathe!

Yoga Life - Rainbow Life

Chakra Meditation Candles


Eight Key Aura Chime


Flower of Life Tingsha


Incense Satya 15gm


Oil Burner-Bird Design


Organic Base Sweet Almond Oil


Organic Goddess Pooja Gift Box

£24.98 £22.48

Thai Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag


Reed Diffusers by FAR


Singing Bowl-Green


Tea Light Holder


Incense Holder - Palm


Upcycled Red Fabric Yoga Bag


Incense Holder - Coconut Flower


Oil Burner-Porcelain Blue Tree Of Life


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