Bamboo Lunch Box Lemurs In The Night Jungle - Rainbow Life
Bamboo Lunch Box Lemurs In The Night Jungle - Rainbow Life
Bamboo Lunch Box Lemurs In The Night Jungle - Rainbow Life

Bamboo Lunch Box Lemurs In The Night Jungle

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This reusable bamboo lunch box is in our collection for the simple reason that lemurs are remarkable and fascinating.

Did you know they only exist in Madagascar and were castaways from Africa millions of years ago?

Astonishingly, they can actually sing and dance ( inspiration for the film?)

Lemurs are really smart and share our trait of opposable thumbs! 

They are capable of learning tasks that are often too complex for apes and monkeys, like organizing sequences from memory and performing simple arithmetic. They can also be trained to use tools. Who knew!

Lemurs are also incredibly sociable and do not thrive alone at all. Even more like us!

As I can't get to Madagascar to admire them in the wild I will say hello to my five lemurs dancing and singing in the night jungle at lunchtime every day instead. Why not?

' Mum, can I have your lemur lunch box?' ' No, son, it's mine!'

From start to finish these products tick all the boxes for helping to protect the environment and move product design and manufacture forward. 

Made of bamboo composite they are tough, hard-wearing and eco-friendly.

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  • Material: Bamboo Composite - Bamboo (60%), Melamine (35%) and Cornstarch (5%)
  • Brand: Bambootique
  • Food Safe: Yes
  • Environmental Credentials: Made from a composite of sustainably grown and fast renewable organic bamboo mixed with corn starch and melamine for durability.
  • Microwave Safe: No
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Dimensions: 12.5cm x 19cm x 6cm


The bamboo has been recycled from offcuts of chopsticks. This range is BPA free, reusable and phthalate free. Hot and Cold Food: Yes. Caution: Not to be used with food or drink over 70c as there is a danger of scalding.

This bamboo reusable bambootique collection is most definitely the leader of the pack when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Made from bamboo that has been sustainably grown and managed. This bamboo range is reusable and eco-friendly, they are BPA and phthalate-free and any silicone used in the travel mugs is recycled.

With offices in both Xiamen and Yiwu, Puckator have the people on the ground to be able to physically inspect and monitor the factories and business used in their supply chain. This way they (and we) can be sure that their suppliers adhere to the high standards that would be expected of them in the ever-growing environmentally concerned industry. Combined with bi-annual trips to China by their buying team and a commitment to requesting social audits where possible, they are confident that by working together with their suppliers, efficiency and standards will continue to improve and grow year upon year. 

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Sue huntley
Excellent product

Really good quality and beautiful xx

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