Hand Painted table candles, 3 pack, Matuko
Hand Painted table candles, 3 pack, Matuko - Rainbow Life
Hand Painted table candles, 3 pack, Matuko

Hand Painted table candles, 3 pack, Matuko

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Matuko is Swahili for elegance. Apt indeed. Primarily greens, reds and pale blues with beautiful design enhancements, these candles will make your ball-room stand out from all the rest. Don't have a ball-room? Of course you do! Push back the furniture and let the music begin.

Like all candles from Nobunto, these will invariably have your guests and friends wondering where you got them, and more importantly, how do they get some. While you will love the attention, don't keep us a secret.

Remember you are supporting a good cause with every candle you and your friends buy. 

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How to Use

-All pillar candles should only be left burning for 2-3 hours during the first and second usage. Wait an hour before re-lighting. The candle should not burn longer than 2 hours during subsequent usage.

-The reason is the flames create a "lantern effect", as they burn down the centre of the candle, thereby creating the glow in which the external painted effect is clearly visible.

-This beautiful "lantern effect" produces a lot of heat inside the candle which can cause the outer walls of the candle to melt if you let it burn for too long. Aside from spoiling the effect, molten wax will leak out.



3 round table/pillar candles: 5cm x 7cm, presented in a gift box 
Burning time per candle approx. 16 hours
Total weight of Gift Box approx: 365 grams

-The manufacture of these hand-painted candles is a multi-faceted process. In the first step the background colours are painted by special background painters. Then the various designs are expertly painted by the artists, the quality is carefully controlled, and then carefully packed for shipping.

-The most exciting moment comes when the lightning fast strokes of molten wax metamorphose into gorgeously colourful, individualised works of art. 

-Nobunto only use a high quality wick and fully refined paraffin wax with a high melting point. The colour pigments contain no carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reproductive toxic substances.

-Nobunto candles are tested by DEKRA in Stuttgart / Germany and the specification for fire safety of candles according to EN 15493/2007 were achieved as well as the special quality specification for candles corresponding to RAL-GZ041/1.



Nobunto is a South African manufacturer that creates high quality handcrafted products, like hand-painted candles, and gorgeous ceramic drinkware with the utmost attention to detail using mainly African inspired designs.

Nobunto products are responsibly handmade with love and care for their customers, artisans and the environment. The word "nobunto" comes from the Sotho language, meaning “for the people“.



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Great hygge

Colourful candles that burn very evenly.