Upcycled Cooking Pot Bracelet - Rainbow Life
Upcycled Cooking Pot Bracelet - Rainbow Life

Upcycled Cooking Pot Bracelet

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Talk about a human connection. These Upcycled Cooking Pot Bracelets are made from (you guessed it) old cooking pots.


Aside from looking absolutely captivating, each one a unique piece of art; every dot of black seared in over a charcoal pot; every pit, every distress, every bump part of a story; a history.


Imagine for a moment as you twiddle the elements of your Cooking Pot Bracelet as it adorns your wrist. Imagine the stories it could tell if only it could. Imagine the meals it has prepared; the ingredients tossed in; the vegetables you may not even know the names of that have boiled down in it; the mouths it has fed..... the mouths of babes, kids, teenagers, mums, dads, and grandparents. Who lit the fire; who chopped the ingredients; who added the spices to make it just so; who savoured the end result? Was it a feast, or was it the edge of famine? So many questions, and your bracelet lived them. We will never know for sure, but one thing you can know: you are connected. You are, in the end, sharing the pot with your human family.


Know this also: your purchase has the power to make a life changing difference. 


The Upcycled Cooking Pot Bracelet is made using old aluminium cooking pots. This elasticated bracelet is truly unique.


Made by a wonderful and inspiring youth employment workshop; Zakale Creations.

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 Zakale Creations is a Project located in Huruma, which is part of Mathare, Nairobi. The slum population is approx. 8,000 with a very high unemployment rate (approx. 80%). The people who live here have many challenges including poor housing, lack of basic facilities, including water, roads and lack of education. The ‘drop out’ from Primary School is very high and only a very few complete their Primary School education.


Approximately 10 people trained at Zakale are now independent craftsmen and women selling at local markets.


Their recycled range also employs others outside of the workshop, who collect and clean bottle tops, wire, tin cans and old cooking pots to be transformed into beautiful jewellery.


These people directly benefit when we buy these beautiful products made from the waste materials they have collected. You look great, you feel good, and you do good. It's a win/win. 


Imagine you could be wearing a bracelet crafted by artisans whose lives have been transformed.

Made in Nairobi, Kenya

Made of upcycled aluminium cooking pots and wire.


Zuri Design was started 17 years ago by Helen Scanlan, who worked in Kenya and Uganda as a volunteer over a number of years.  Helen saw the opportunity to alleviate poverty through the trade of handmade gifts and jewellery.


Once set up as a wholesaler, Zuri Design financed a start- up workshop in Kibera slum, employing and training former street boys. Since then, Zuri Design orders have created work for more than 200 men and women in Kenya and Uganda, within over 10 workshops.


Working so closely with people from slums in Kenya, means Helen has witnessed first-hand the hardship of living in poverty and the positive impact Zuri Design has within the communities, providing them with livelihoods so people can work their way out of the cycle of poverty.


By ordering Zuri Design’s unique products you help to change lives, directly.


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Teresa Warr
Upcycled cooking pot bracelet

Exactly as shown in the photo. A gift for my daughter who likes to upcycle. Good that used cooking pots can be given a new lease of life in such an attractive and creative way.

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