Front Stories

Our aim is to carefully select products that are ethically sourced and sustainable from suppliers that we trust. With the descriptions of these products we aim to inform you as far as possible, about the story of your product. Some call this the backstory, we prefer to call it the frontstory.

This detailing of the products we believe helps connect you with the producer or artisan. We also believe in sharing our knowledge with you, particularly about the health and wellbeing benefits of our products. We do not claim to know everything, but we like to help you by sharing our expertise. Jen, for example, has used essential oils for many years and is knowledgeable about the range of health benefits. We aim to try out the products before we sell them to you wherever possible so we can genuinely speak from experience. Equally, we love to hear your comments and feedback and any suggestions to expand our range, which we feel could be limitless.