Founded With a Purpose

How was RainbowLife born?

Back in March of 2020 when Covid-19 was recognised as a pandemic, the UK finally woke up to the fact it was serious after all. Lisa, being a teacher at a special needs school, became increasingly concerned about the children's wellbeing, especially because some of them are most definitely vulnerable. How to make the necessary increased hygiene easy and fun is an especially pertinent question with special needs children with sometimes profound physical and mental challenges.

While having a 'thought shower' with a close friend it also became clear that there would be massive plastic waste generated. Gradually the original small need morphed into something bigger. If you are looking out for people’s health, why not well-being? If at a school, why not an office or a home office, or even just a home? If we want to support people in the UK, why not peoples world-wide? If looking out for people why not the planet? Everything in the end is related to everything else.

Rainbow Life evolved: : For the Planet & Her People.

We created the rainbow logo to represent the universally positive ideas it encompasses: a symbol of hope, of something better to come, a celestial bridge between people, an emblem of love and harmony. In some cultures the colours of the rainbow reflect the health of the Earth and its peoples. If the colours are dilute, health is poor but if the colours are strong the Earth has healed. It became our mission: to help strengthen the colours, make them bright like the children’s pictures we are all familiar with. Rainbow Life seems particularly appropriate because that one phrase covers everything we are about.

We began to carefully source and curate collections of ethical and sustainable products. Our driving principle - to enhance the well-being, health, safety and responsibility of both the producer and the consumer.

Simply put- it must be good for the people who buy it, good for the people who make it and good for the planet.

Products connect people, they tell the story of peoples’ lives. At Rainbow Life we want you to feel connected, to know the stories and see the power of your purchase to make a real difference.

Realise the Power of Your Purchase

Unlike huge corporations we do not see the need to drive down prices incessantly, robbing people everywhere of a decent, fair, liveable wage and concentrating inordinate wealth in the bank account of one man or his wealthy shareholders.

It's incomprehensible that one person has $200+ billion while workers in India making goods for his webstore make $1 a day. Well, that is not us. We have consciously gone the other way. Every price you see on this website is what it is because there is an unbroken chain (think of a series of rainbow bridges) from you to the people involved in its production. The prices are fair because everybody in that chain deserves fair payment for their labour. Sometimes we will be a bit higher than you might find on Amazon, and sometimes we will be a bit lower. We promote recycled and upcycled goods and zero waste products that reflect our commitment towards a circular economy. We buy directly from small producer self- help groups or cooperatives and from UK distributors who align with our principles.

What makes us different?

Connecting people

We want our customers to join us in knowing our artisans’ stories. We try to ensure mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers across the globe.

Fair trade

Producers must receive fair payment and work in safe conditions thus enabling economic and sustainable development.


Our products are ethically sourced and made from sustainable materials, including packaging, wherever possible. Health Care, Earth Care, Fair Share.