Our Packaging

Compostable & Biodegradable

We do not use any plastic at all in the beautifully packed parcels we send to you. We use cardboard boxes, corn starch packing "peanuts" (they are literally edible!), hive wrap & wood wool as protection and it is all sealed up with paper tape.

We do sell a few products where plastic is difficult to avoid. In this case we carefully consider if they are likely to last several years at least and if at the end of their lifetime they can be easily recycled. Where there are non-plastic alternatives, we actively seek them out. We are delighted to see that many of our suppliers are choosing to use biodegradable corn starch packaging to wrap their products. This has the transparent quality of plastic without the bad. Luna Tree Jewellery & The Salty Herb organics are examples of those leading the way.

We encourage and pressure our suppliers to never use single use plastic wrapping on any of their products. In the cases where they still do we are actively encouraging them to switch to biodegradables. However, it seems pointless to remove their wrapping only to re-wrap in paper. We elected instead to keep them in the original wrapping, which is usually done for protective purposes, or to hold things together.

If you find anything is wrapped in plastic may we suggest you visit www.ecobricks.org and the inspirational https://www.rawbrick.co.uk/ for suggestions.

Below Isaac shows how our packing 'peanuts' are genuinely edible! Not sure how tasty they are but they can certainly go safely in the ground & biodegrade.