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Pretty plates!

Good quality small side plates .I love the floral design. Made from bamboo. Very light to hold and ok for the dishwasher. I am very pleased with them .


I use this to give my clients a little neck massage and it makes them so relaxed! They love it

In love! No more mess!

I'm a mindfulness teacher so I am always burning incense! This catches every drop which is perfect for when I'm doing my hour long sessions, no longer worried about making a mess ! :D

Refreshing relaxing bath

I like the minimalist packaging but once you unleash the cap the fragrance is so strong and refreshing. It takes just 1-2 cap to make the bath aromatic.

Perfect throw

I was attracted by the idea of upcycling cotton n things made in India never fail my expectations. The size is just perfect. the pomp pomp n tassels are cute n their knitting method indicates that they won’t be gone even if u wash them (u know how frustrating it could be to have missing tassels in your beloved garment..)

Vintage sari scarf

I bought this for my friend's daughter. I wasn't sure if she would like it as she's a Gen Z but she loves it and is really creative with the way she wears it. I just love that it's an upcycled item, I imagine those silk saris could tell fascinating stories!

Red bead necklace

I am thrilled with my necklace/choker. It is just as portrayed in the ad. It is the right length and so comfortable to wear.

Beach Powder-Shimmer
Geraldine COLES

Great fragrance & leaves skin feeling soft

Pretty & Practical

A delightful bird nesting box. Sturdy and solid, despite its looks. Keeping my fingers crossed for tenants. Will probably suit small birds like finches or blue-tits.

Does a good job

I like this brush a lot. Just the right size. The bristles are firm enough to get the job done. I like the fact it is made of wood and not plastic. I would buy again, but I doubt I will because it looks sturdy enough to last for decades. However i do wholeheartedly recommend it. :)

Great bag which supports the charity

I was looking for a rucksack that was well made and had enough room for my bits and pieces when I go out walking. I hadn’t considered getting a recycled product but somehow I found myself on the Rainbow Life page. It’s a fabulous business and the bag is perfect for what I need.


Lovely looking small 5 piece puzzle. Looks exactly as it does on the website. Whilst of course it is simple, it's not quite as obvious as you might think. The head won't go on until both arms are in place. I bought it mostly as an unusual, interesting ornament, that also provided some minutes entertainment for my very young grandson.

Jute soap bag

I’m enjoying using this product, the jute bag lathers the soap up beautifully, and allows the soap to last longer!

5 star

Nice smell and enjoy the smell

5 star

Nice smell and relaxing.


This is perfect to use while out on the bike. ideal to keep notes coins and id.


Gorgeous, perfect for my wardrobe

Birthday present

I purchased this doll for my granddaughter for her upcoming 5th birthday. She always has a doll with her when she goes out & is at play so as this doll is a good size, I hope he loves it!!

Small but Mighty

I’ve found it difficult to find a moustache wax/pomade that works for me and both sides of my tache. I honestly can’t fault this. Smells great, simple to apply. Has an amazing half life, and decays into an amazing sartorial isotope of moustachy elegance that is still effective after a night’s sleep. Mine transforms from a tight Cardinal Richeleau, to a Kaiser Wilhelm through the course if the day.

Jute Eco Shoppers
Cathy Walsh

Lovely little bag very handy and strong beautiful colour and design very pleased with it will buy again


I love my bag, it’s a tad smaller than expected but that’s a good thing because now I schlep around a lot less crap for other people !

It's great when something you order online arrives and completely meets expectations and item description. Even better hoping that the sale helps people in harder circumstances.
I really like this case, it's well made and repurposes discarded goods imaginatively.
It's serving its intended purpose well!

Little bag

I really like the bag but was expecting it to be bigger.
Lovely colours, nice material.
If they do bigger size would order again.

Just like magic

The sand goes away, just like magic. Perfect for kids and above all, it's sustainable and safe for the environment. ;-)

Love it

I am very pleased with my new bag.
It’s very well made.
I wanted a smaller bag to take on holiday and this is perfect