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Really good. I have sent it to my great granddaughter in Australia.

Lovely item the equivalent of ***** in bird land.

Really love this item. Intricate design, well made and a enhancement to any garden.

Beautiful colours

Beautifully made, beautifully coloured and painted,chunky,toddler loved the painted creatures, very safe with no bits to break off, just overall everything I was looking for in a toy x

The BEST moisturiser

Does wonders! Leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh for hours after! And massive bonus that you can put it anywhere on your body! Huge tin and just a little goes a long way- this will last you ages! And smells Devine! It’s so heavenly and 100% will be buying again! From a very satisfied happy customer! Thanks

mountain flower silver pendant

Love this!

The best moisturiser I have ever used

I cannot praise this moisturiser enough. It comes in 100% plastic free packaging, with a great tin that I can reuse when I'm done. There is plenty of it and I use so little every day that this one tin is going to last me ages, so it's great value for money. When I first put it on it feels very oily, which worried me because I have naturally oily skin. But once it's all absorbed it actually makes my skin less oily. Since using it my skin has been noticeably softer, less spotty and healthier-looking. There aren't many options out there for plastic free moisturiser, but this is not only the best option for people who want to cut down their plastic use- it's better quality, produces better results and is better value for money than any of the moisturisers I've bought from Boots before that have had tons of plastic packaging. Highly recommend!

Very special birthday gift

I have just received this beautiful flower pendant from a very special friend who knows my taste very well. The photo doesn’t do it justice because it’s surface catches the light making it almost shine at times. It is smooth and somehow comforting to feel and hold. I love all Karen silver jewellery. They are made with love and skill and are I think quite unique.

Yellow digger

Loved this digger. I
Love the lovely feel of the smooth wood for tiny hands.

Chakra blanket & rug

I have recently brought a chakra blanket an a rug. Absolutely beautiful so well made am over the moon with them. Will definitely be buying more things from Rainbowlife.

Sleep Aid /Room freshener

Excellent product with a pleasant long lasting fragrance, used in a diffuser to relax and calm down before bed , for extra help sleeping sprinkle a few drops on your pillow would highly recommend and will buy again in the future .

Great Fragrance Candle

Great product, excellent size for the price with a superb fragrance very relaxing at night before bed , long lasting too.
Would highly recommend


Bought ceramic mugs - lovely perfect colour for what I wanted.

Beautiful bag

This bag is both lovely to look at and very well made with two separate zipped compartments to keep your personal belongings in. It is fully lined and just right to have over your shoulder or comfortably wear across your body. Beautiful turquoise material a lovely reminder of summer days to come!

I have to be honest and say the trigger to me buying these was because of our new puppy who is not quite sure where to wee!!! ( I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate!!). Apart from the fact that they have worked wonderfully well, I find I am transported back to my teens and 20’s ( when they were rather lovingly called joss sticks ). It may sound crazy ( or a bit hippyishj but the fragrances really are healing and restorative. I especially like the Ayurveda and Spiritual healing fragrances, and find I’m burning them all the time.

Beautiful candles, fast delivery

Excellent product

Really good quality and beautiful xx

My husband has Alzheimer’s and has recently become quite sensitive about clothing and accessories. He has found old leather belts that he has worn for many years too hard, cutting into him. So I thought I’d take a chance and try one of these belts for him. Success!! When asked, he commented that he wasn’t even aware of wearing it. I have to say I think not only is it soft and pliable it is also a very attractive design with the red stitching. Thank you Rainbow Life for solving our problem.

Simple but really useful

The 3 disc roller turned up really promptly in the post, and has been very useful for my sore shoulders. It is lovely wood and works well with massage oils. Great little tool, so much nicer than the plastic stuff out there. Thank you.


I bought this oil when I was feeling down in the dumps. All I can say is it actually 'does what it says on the tin' (or the cute amber glass bottle, in this case). I burn it all day at work in my oil burner, thanks RainbowLife!

I don’t know why this little bowl is so appealing, but it just is!!
I bought one as a present but then when I saw it and maybe more importantly felt it, I ordered another for myself. I find something very calming about the weight and texture of it, not to mention the deep red colour and delightful hippo design.

Red haired doll

I bought this doll for my wee great niece who has red hair. It's a beautiful wee dolly, just a nice size for a wee girl. It's very well made and the colours are lovely and bright, very good price as well. Thank you very much!

Karen Pendant

I bought this for a friend who is a nature lover. She absolutely loves this as she so wants to travel to Thailand and has read all about the Karen peoples story. She loves that the charity is helping the people to get self- sufficient by helping them with their craft business. Proud wearer of something totally unique, love it!

Kabisa Mug

Oh wow! This mug arrived and I had not realised how special it would be. I read all about Nobunto who make them and was so impressed with their work but when the mug arrived I was truly delighted. It has a painted hands entwined logo on the bottom saying Guaranteed Fair Trade, I just love this. It is like the maker is speaking to me saying it's OK I got paid properly to make this. The hand painting is gorgeous as well. It's actually raised, like embossed I would say, giving it that lovely hand made quality. Rainbowlife please keep stocking these! I want to buy more!

Charming piece.

Liked the obvious integrate of the carving. A little on the small size for the impact we hoped for. A tad over priced to buy again.

Brilliant product.

Such a tiny amount needed for great healing results.

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