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‘Ancient Wisdom is a distributor of thousands of ethically sound products from all over the world.’

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We like Ancient Wisdom. While they do not have a slew of badges and accreditations what they do have is a solid ethos of fair, reasonable and practical across everything they do. We would encourage you to check them out. The link is below. Here are a few examples of why we like them:

  • Supporting Family Businesses & Small Enterprises 

    "Recently we trained another supplier, the one that makes soap dishes for us, and restarted production. So now we have some of that stock starting to arrive. It's another small family business. Wayan is a young energetic lady - another lady boss - who leads a small team of artisans all organised by her good-looking husband, but Wayan is clearly the boss and really caring and giving attention to detail. She learns how to make any product herself, then sits and trains the artisans in how to make it personally and sets the standards. The artisans who carve the angels are usually older ladies earning extra money for their families." 

    Ancient Wisdom Pure Quality
  • Pure Quality

    “Ancient Wisdom Wholesale Essential Oils are studiously selected, bought more often than not from primary sources, tested for purity and subjected to rigorous quality control standards. We are one of the UK’s top Lavender Oil Wholesalers.” 

    Ancient Wisdom Environmentally Conscious
  • Environmental Consciousness

    “…. showing me the traceability documents for the wood used to make soap dishes. And the invoices from government approved logging companies. All our wood is double checked by me or someone at Ancient Wisdom to make sure it comes from sustainable sources, and Wayan is as keen to be fully compliant. And always with plenty of Hati Hati”


A Note About The AW Freedom Foundation

The idea is to give a small portion of each item sold here, directly back to the workers who make that same product. For example, 10p of the sale of a package of incense in the UK, can go directly to the packager of this incense in Bangalore (India). You can see how only 10p can do incredible things for workers with such humble salaries, an authentic hope of freedom, that's why we call it freedom foundation.


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