The founders of OrganiCups tell their story...

The #NewPeriod

Ever since our founding in 2012, it has always been about more than cups.

We believe no one should be held back by their body. We believe period products should not contain harmful chemicals nor absorb natural bodily secretions, resulting in infections. Periods should not be the cause of major pollution. And they should never, ever be a source of shame.

Those four sentences have been, and continue to be, our guiding principles. Our #NewPeriod manifesto is the measuring stick we turn to in every decision we make:

Making products for, and with, the people who use them, putting sustainability at the centre, committing to transparent communication and donating cups to those in need, all in an effort to destigmatize periods.

On this page we wanted to map out our journey, growth and achievements over the past years, and share some of the fun and interesting milestones with you!

Read the incredible full story of the creation and impact of Organi Cups here:

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