Endangered Species Cotton Apron - Lemur

Endangered Species Cotton Apron - Lemur

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Are you alarmed at the many threats facing the natural world?

This unique range of aprons, featuring endangered species, has been designed to raise awareness of threatened animal species around the world.

Each apron comes with a designer label that explains about the individual animal and the main threats that it faces, primarily from human activity.

Screen printed and assembled by a Fair Trade producer group in India, so buying this beautiful apron promotes Fair Trade and artisan crafts in India too!


Approximate size:
Length 71cm (excluding neck strap)
Width 65cm

Made of cotton

Made in India

Ring-tailed Lemurs

Ring-tailed lemurs are listed as endangered due to habitat loss, hunting, and illegal pet trade. These primates are native to the island of Madagascar and are known for their distinctive striped tails. Deforestation and human activities such as agriculture and logging have resulted in the destruction of their natural habitat, leaving them with limited resources and increased vulnerability to predators. Additionally, they are hunted for their meat and are popular targets of the illegal pet trade. Conservation efforts, including habitat protection, awareness campaigns, and enforcement of laws against hunting and trafficking, are crucial for the survival of these fascinating animals. Without significant action, the ring-tailed lemur may face extinction in the near future.


Shared Earth's mission is to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged people in developing countries, benefiting local community projects and keeping alive traditional skills that would otherwise be lost.

Shared Earth aims:
To pay fair prices for products
To always offer 50% payment upfront to overseas producers
To ensure working conditions are acceptable
To provide advice on design and product development
To support suppliers and their local communities
To avoid child labour
To commit to long term relationships with suppliers

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Customer Reviews

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Emma Reynolds
Great apron

I bought this as a present and it's a lovely apron. It looks as pictured and is a good size for an adult, coming to about knee length. It's good quality and I'd buy another apron in the same line!