Bird Feeder-Bamboo - Rainbow Life
Bird Feeder-Bamboo - Rainbow Life

Bird Feeder-Bamboo

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Sometimes perfection is beautifully simple by design and execution. This Bird Feeder is a fine example.


What more do your little garden birds need? There's a perch, a trough-load of tasty morsels, a roof over your head, a string to hang it from the nearest bough and plenty space to sit next to your birdy-buddies.


Made from bamboo, it is sustainable. After a decade or two of continued use, through the vagaries of British weather, your Bamboo Bird Feeder might finally shuffle off it's mortal coil, dropping unceremoniously to the ground below. Not a problem. Plenty of other little garden creatures are waiting for just such an opportunity. 


When the birds are done, the bugs have fun, and back to nature goes your bamboo bird feeder to begin the great circle of life once again. On that day, should you notice, look for a rainbow. One comes free with every bamboo bird feeder.

Bamboo bird feeder, designed specifically for small birds

Natural colour

Approximate size: 23(w) x 22(h) x 15.5(d)cm + hanging

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Customer Reviews

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Jill Royle
Lovely item the equivalent of ***** in bird land.

Really love this item. Intricate design, well made and a enhancement to any garden.

Health care 💚 Earth Care 🌍 Fair Share 🤝