Karen Hilltribe Hand-Crafted Silver Mountain Flower Pendant - Rainbow Life

Karen Hilltribe Hand-Crafted Silver Mountain Flower Pendant

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This unique pendant has been hand crafted by Karen artisans in Northern Thailand. The Karen are a peaceful people who have the greatest respect for the forest and its abundance of plants and animals.

Their art reflects their love of the natural world. The Karen people adorn themselves with representations of nature and this mountain flower pendant is a classic example of their craftsmanship. 

The quality of the silver utilised by the Karen is demonstrated by its 99% silver content, higher than sterling silver which is 92.5%. This increases malleability allowing complicated patterns to be carefully created and gives the silver a unique feel.

Using moulds and traditional hand tools the Karen silver is hammered, shaped and carved into these unique Karen designs. The whole process is very much a community affair with silversmiths' skills being shared among families and passed down from generation to generation. It is difficult to come across these silversmithing Karen communities as many lie far along dusty broken roads, often highly isolated and deep in the jungle.

Through the careful preservation of this traditional craft, communities are today able to sell their handcrafted creations to bring in much needed additional income. This is giving more and more families access to basic rights such as being able to fund healthcare, put enough food on the table and send their children to school. 

Buying Karen jewellery you are not only helping to keep a tradition alive but also supporting sustainable income generation. All funds made by the  Karen Hilltribes Trust through the sales of jewellery go directly back into helping support community led projects for the Karen who are most in need.


  • width: 44 mm
  • weight: 13 grams
  • 99% silver content
  • 100% hand crafted



Rainbow Life has a partnership with the  Karen Hilltribes Trust which is a community led organisation working with the Karen people living in Mae Hong Son, one of Thailand’s poorest provinces.

Their mission is to empower Karen communities to improve their health, livelihoods and education.  

All our Karen silver jewellery is lovingly handmade by artisans in Karen villages in northern Thailand. An area, where for generations Karen families have been passing down the skills to create a beautiful array of traditional jewellery.

Many Karen communities have developed this innovative way to overcome adversity and bring in a sustainable income.

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Customer Reviews

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mountain flower silver pendant

Love this!

Very special birthday gift

I have just received this beautiful flower pendant from a very special friend who knows my taste very well. The photo doesn’t do it justice because it’s surface catches the light making it almost shine at times. It is smooth and somehow comforting to feel and hold. I love all Karen silver jewellery. They are made with love and skill and are I think quite unique.

Karen Pendant

I bought this for a friend who is a nature lover. She absolutely loves this as she so wants to travel to Thailand and has read all about the Karen peoples story. She loves that the charity is helping the people to get self- sufficient by helping them with their craft business. Proud wearer of something totally unique, love it!