OrganiCup-size A - Rainbow Life
OrganiCup-size A - Rainbow Life
OrganiCup-size A - Rainbow Life

OrganiCup-size A

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'Save money, Spare our planet' is OrganiCup's tag line, let's find out why.....

Menstrual cups are a perfect addition to protect our beautiful planet and our beautiful bodies!

🌍Menstrual cups are here to save your day – and your clothes, and your bank account too. It’s an ultra-soft, reusable menstrual cup that gives you up to 8 hours of leak-free protection, after which you just empty it, wash it, then reinsert!

Plus it lasts for years! They are so user friendly and gives you full control of your environmental impact. They’re budget-friendly. 

Menstrual cups are safer. Because menstrual cups collect rather than absorb blood, you’re not at risk of getting toxic shock syndrome, which is a rare, but very serious, bacterial infection associated with tampon use.

100% medical-grade silicone. OrganicCups cannot be felt when inserted correctly and they are Allergy Certified and do not contain any known allergens.

Allergy Certified. In 2019 OrganiCup won the Allergy Award for the category "Best skin-friendly product for Body".



SIZE A: Recommended for those who have not given birth vaginally
Capacity: 25 ml
Cup Length: 65 mm
Stem Length: 15 mm
Diameter: 40 mm


How to Use
-How to use Menstrual Cups

-Every beginning can be difficult – including trying a menstrual cup for the first time.

-However, we assure you that there’s nothing to fear. It might take you a few days or a few periods to become comfortable with the cup. But we assure you, it’s all worth it. You can read about the pros and cons of switching to a menstrual cup, and find out how it compares to pads and tampons.

Experiment with different folding and insertion methods and don’t worry, you’ll soon become a dedicated cup convert. Here are a few tips:


  1. Read the instructions thoroughly. 
    It might seem obvious, but reading the instructions that come with your cup is an important step. Many of us get so excited that we can tend to forget this step and jump right in without fully knowing what to do.

  2. Wear a pantyliner until you feel comfortable. 
    Until you feel 100% comfortable with your menstrual cup, you might want to wear a pantyliner so you don’t have to worry about leaking.

  3. Try to locate your cervix.
    We all have differently positioned cervixes and the cup should be placed below the cervix, if not, it will most likely leak. Try to locate your cervix with your finger, you should feel for a slightly firmer area of tissue and position your cup under it.

  4. Trim the stem of the cup.
    If you can feel the stem and find it uncomfortable after using the cup a couple of times, you can cut it shorter. However, do not trim the stem while the menstrual cup is inserted!

  5. Practice before your period.
    No one expects you to be an instant menstrual cup pro, so we recommend you practice inserting and removing your cup before you get your period.

  6. Use lubrication.
    You can use water or a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier.

Watch the instructional video here for further information



Ever since their founding in 2012, OrganiCups has always been about more than cups.
They believe no one should be held back by their body. They believe period products should not contain harmful chemicals nor absorb natural bodily secretions, resulting in infections. Periods should not be the cause of major pollution. And they should never, ever be a source of shame.

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Customer Reviews

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Hannah Briant
Converted! Never going back!!

I was unsure if i would like using the Organicup. It was my first time and i was a little nervous. It is perfect and I can officially say I will not going back to tampons. I received this so quick , and loved that I got text updates. I am very impressed with the packaging and everything can be recycled! Customer service were quick to reassure me of any worries I had.