SETU Three Ply Tied Face Mask - Alternating Shade of Pink Floral Pattern - Rainbow Life
SETU Three Ply Tied Face Mask - Alternating Shade of Pink Floral Pattern - Rainbow Life
Hand Block Print Cotton 3 Layer Ties - Rainbow Life
Hand Block Print Cotton 3 Layer Ties - Rainbow Life
Hand Block Print Cotton 3 Layer Ties - Rainbow Life

Hand Block Print Cotton 3 Layer Ties

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Alternating Shades of Pink Floral Pattern

Form meets function. Beauty meets safety. Purchasing meets empowerment. Want to feel safe, look good and do good?

By wearing one of these unique masks you are not only protecting yourself and others, you are contributing to a fair- trade organisation dedicated to empowering artisans and helping them become self-sufficient.

These hand block printed 100% cotton face masks are handmade by a self-help women’s group in the stunning province of Rajasthan in India. The women have been provided with sewing machines by SETU to enable them to work flexibly and safely in their own homes.

Take a close look at the fabric of these masks and you will see the intricacies of this traditional hand block printed technique. The artisan touch is apparent with fascinating little imperfections that cannot be replicated by a machine. 

Although this technique has evolved over centuries, the original methods remain intact, making this fabric truly unique.

In this age where machines churn out metres of fabric imitations, here is a product that is created with great skill and care. 


The cotton is locally sourced and checked for sustainability in Rajasthan. 

Best practice is changing your mask every day, which of course we actively encourage.

For that reason if you buy any 5 masks from our great selection you will receive an automatic 20% discount at checkout (we would also give you a free hug if we could).

Available in several fashionable colours and designs

100% cotton fibres (synthetic fibres in elastics)

2-layers of cotton material with ties

2-layers of cotton material with elastic loops

3-layers of cotton material with ties

3-layers of cotton material with elastic loops


Both the 2 and 3 layer cotton masks are very effective at helping stop the spread of micro-droplets when we sneeze, cough, or even speak.


The 3 layer is more effective, but if you have breathing difficulties you may find it a bit stifling. However if your jurisdiction demands it or you want to be extra safety conscious they are a great choice.


The Traditional Art of Hand Block Printing


Hand Block Printing is an ancient textile art form that is very environmentally friendly.

It has a rich history which can be traced back to the 5th century BC with its roots in India, China and Japan.
As with most ancient practices, every process in hand block printing, including the preparation of cloth, is labour intensive and  time-consuming.

A host of artisans are involved in the process. Along side the printers are the masters of colour, the dye experts. The secrets of plant based dyes extracted from local vegetation have been kept as alchemical traditions of this craft for centuries. The wood blocks are also hand carved and this traditional art has been passed from generation to generation.

Hand Block Printing is a unique textile art form that deserves appreciation and recognition. It is a celebration of a respectful relationship between plants, nature and people.

 SETU-The Bridge To Artisans: ‘SETU’ in Sanskrit means ‘the bridge’.

As indicated from the name, `SETU-The Bridge to Artisans’ acts as a bridge between the underprivileged/marginalized artisans and the international/affluent markets, at the same time, working for social, economic and environmental well-being of the artisan communities.

SETU trained the women's group in tailoring skills and provided them with sewing machines to enable them to work from the security of their own homes and manage their time while taking care of their children. 


Customer Reviews

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My Pink Facemasks

I love pink and bought three of these lovely face masks
I chose the triple ply for extra protection
I noticed when I passed a smoker in the park that I couldn't smell the cigarette, when normally I am quite sensitive to the scents.
I chose the ties rather than the elastics because it is easy to take off without undoing the ties, I just drop it below my chin, and lift it back up when needed.

Health care 💚 Earth Care 🌍 Fair Share 🤝