Reusable Sanitary Pads - Multi Pack
Reusable Sanitary Pads - Multi Pack
Reusable Sanitary Pads - Multi Pack

Reusable Sanitary Pads - Multi Pack

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Each Multi-Pack Contains:

Please note actual colours may be slightly different.

One Panty Liner

Perfect for the first and last days of your periods or with a menstrual cup. Also ideal for vaginal discharge and small urinary leaks. 

ApiAfrique's reusable sanitary pads and liners are all made from organic cotton velvet (GOTS certified) and waterproof fabric (Oeko-Tex certified).

One Day Pad

Discreet and absorbent, the day pad, like a regular disposable pad is used for medium flow.

It can be used comfortably and securely under any type of clothing. It can be worn for up to 4 hours, depending on your flow.

The same construction as the Panty Liner except in between the two layers is a super absorbent organic cotton fleece layer.

One Night Pad

Longer and wider than the other pads, the night pad has a double absorbent organic cotton fleece layer.

It is perfect for heavy flows or during the night. Same construction as the Day Pad except with a double layer of absorbent fleece.

Buying these reusable pads you are directly supporting the work of ApiAfrique-an innovative social enterprise dedicated to the emancipation of women. 

These sanitary pads are reusable, long-lasting, highly absorbent, comfortable, breathable, easy to use, easy to wash and made from good quality materials. The wings are made with African wax print fabrics for a unique “funky touch” to cheer you up on these days when you need it most.

ApiAfrique's reusable sanitary pads and liners are certified waterproof yet lovely, soft and comfortable at the same time.

Freedom and comfort with no irritation.

Machine washable at 40 degrees or hand wash. Occasional machine wash at 60 degrees. 

Switching to Reusable? See our Impact fact sheet to see how you will be doing your bit to save the planet!

Available in four sizes: Thong Liner, Panty Liner, Day Pad and Night Pad.

If you are doing a full switch to reusable ApiAfrique recommends purchasing 2 panty liners, 6 day pads and 2 night pads which will cover you for light, medium and heavy flow for all the days of your period. Or try one of our multi packs to get you started. 

Your initial outlay on full switch to high quality ApiAfrique reusable sanitary pads is typically recouped within the first 8 months. They are long-lasting, durable and reusable 400 times so they will last up to 5 years, depending on flow.

If you want to give it a go with a multipack, then in just over 2 months you will be saving money (and the planet). Available in different colours with different designs on the wings.

How to Use

Reusable Sanitary Day Pad

Discreet and absorbent, the day pad, like a regular disposable pad, is used for medium flow. It fits discreetly and securely in underwear with the use of strong but unobtrusive poppers. Using the pad could not be simpler:

-Simply unsnap the poppers, place the pad in your pants velvet cotton side up, wrap the wings to the underside of your pants  and snap the poppers to secure in place.
-When changing your pad simply unsnap the poppers and fold the pad within itself and use the poppers to secure.

-We recommend use of ApiAfrique's carefully designed 2 compartment, 100% waterproof 'wet bag'. Store your used pads in one compartment, and new pads in the other. Perfect while out and about.
-Change your pad every 3 to 4 hours depending on your flow, just as you would with a disposable pad. 


The positive impact you will have by switching to reusable cannot be underestimated. 

Here are some facts for you:

How Many: One individual uses 11,000 disposable period products in their lifetime.

In Just the UK: 4.6 MM period products flushed down the toilet every day.Packaging: Tampons, pads and pantyliners along with packaging generates more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year.

Plastic: Including the packaging up to 90% of the tampon or pad is plastic
Decomposition: Takes 500 years to biodegrade.

Our Oceans: On UK beaches on average one product washed ashore every 6 metres. We can but imagine how much is left in the sea.

Damaging life-cycle: Cotton production (water, pesticides and insecticides); plastic; chemicals (50+) including dioxin, chlorine and rayon.

Side Effects: It is well documented the issues that many have. Pads and liners and tampons don’t breathe which can cause rashes, undesirable odours, and even toxic shock syndrome.

Chemicals: Harmful to environment as they leech out of landfill and get into groundwater and air. 


ApiAfrique is a Senegalese social enterprise, which offers innovative and environmentally friendly hygiene solutions.

Promoting sustainable solutions which contribute to the emancipation of women, the reduction of waste, the fight against exclusion and the creation of jobs. Disseminating practices and products that respect nature and people , through long-lasting and job-creating activities.

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Reusables from a social enterprise

These people are really pioneering change! I love the African prints and they are super easy to use and wash. Never going back to disposables, I am a convert! I just bought the RainbowLife laundry soap too and it works so well. Thank you RL.