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Truthbrush-Travel Case - Rainbow Life

Truthbrush-Travel Case

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This handy dandy Truthbrush travel case will keep you honest wherever you wander. It also does a great job of keeping the dust and cockroaches off your Truthbrush toothbrush

True story: as many of you know cockroaches are endemic. In Thailand they have big brown versions the size of a small drone. And yes, they fly too. One fine morning, just as dawn was breaking through the tropical haze I took a wander through to the "bathroom" in the modest teak house we were renting in Chiang Mai.

Bleary eyed I noticed movement on the makeshift shelf above the makeshift wash-hand basin. Above the noise of chirping crickets and cicadas there was a distinct munching sound. As my eyes came into focus in the dim light I could make out a 3 inch long creature chowing down on my toothbrush head.

After a long scream at about the pitch of a three year old whose ice cream just dropped off the cone into the sand, I waved my hand at this alien being at which point it took off in a lazy staggering line directly at my face.

As it whirred past my ear like a helicopter from a Vietnam movie, I tried to slap it with my hand, to absolutely no avail. It was then that it dawned on that almost certainly cockroaches had been quietly feasting on the toothpaste residue on my toothbrush for many months.

Nightly. While it clearly had not done me any harm, it was then that I decided I had two choices: sleep with my toothbrush or get myself a handy dandy toothbrush travel case.

My dear RainbowLife friends: you have been warned.



Material: Bamboo
Ethics: Sustainable
Care Instructions: Rinse and leave in a dry place
Size: 21 x 3 cm dia.
Weight: 40g
Country of Origin: China



Truthbrush Travel Case on RainbowLife.co.uk

Truthbrush was launched in 2018 by two friends, Catherine and Catherine, who are based in Devon, UK. With their combined expertise as a hospital doctor and a buyer they designed a toothbrush which is not only healthy and practical to use, but looks great in the home too.

Catherine and Catherine chose bamboo as the material for their Truthbrush handle as it is beautiful to look at, warm to touch and is also fully biodegradable. With its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties bamboo is hygienic for use in the bathroom too.
The bamboo used is Moso bamboo which is grown organically in China. To add a splash of colour the bamboo handle is dipped in an eco-friendly, water-based paint.

The bristles on the Truthbrush are made from a blend of 62% castor bean oil (a renewable vegetable oil) and 38% nylon. To dispose of your toothbrush, please place in your ordinary bin. Over time, all but the bristles will biodegrade, leaving no residue.

Alternatively, you can pull out the bristles with a pair of pliers and re-use the Truthbrush in any creative way you can. Plant canes and paint stirrers are just a couple of examples of how you can give your Truthbrush a second life.

All of the adult Truthbrushes we sell have medium white bristles. The Tiny Truthbrush has soft transparent bristles. The interdental brushes have 100% BPA-free nylon bristles (castor oil bristles are not commercially available in this size).
The Truthbrushes are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and a fully recyclable pillow pack with a colour reference at each end. They have passed the ISO 20126:2012 safety and performance test.

Also available is a Truthbrush bamboo travel case made of natural polished bamboo, with an engraved Truthbrush logo, and ventilation holes to allow the brush to dry out between uses.
Most dental professionals recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months.

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Linda Ing

Bought as a gift to encourage recipient to think environmentally