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Beach Powder Dragons Den

by Guilherme Borges 12 Jun 2021 0 Comments
Beach Powder Dragons Den

Leave the Sand Behind

There is a lot of buzz about this summer's hottest new must-have for your next trip to the beach: Beach Powder and Beach Powder Shimmer. 

Like many people we first saw this product on Dragon's Den. Two Dragon's bought in and gave the founder and inventor of Beach Powder, Stephanie Kelsey, exactly what she was asking for.


Say Goodbye to Sandy Skin with Beach Powder

So what exactly is this miracle beach powder?

According to the manufacturer's website: 

Love the beach but don’t want to take the sand home with you? Beach Powder removes sand from the skin, effortlessly! It’s talc-free, all-natural and safe for your skin and for the environment.
Just sprinkle Beach Powder onto sandy-skin, brush off with hands and the sand comes off as if by magic, leaving skin totally sand-free and silky-smooth, with a delicate vanilla scent.
Safe for adults, children and babies (even in the nappy area).
Now all your beach-days can end smoothly!


The idea came to Stephanie while yet again trying to towel off sand from her kids' sandy legs and feeling like she was grating their skin off. There has to be an easy convenient way, she figured.


The idea for a sand removing powder now born, all that remained was the correct formulation and a cool catchy name: Beach Powder. Perfect.


With all the current cancer scares with talc, that ingredient was a no-no. So with a bit of research Stephanie came up with an all-natural, talc-free sand-removing powder made from a mixture of plant and mineral powders that removes sand instantly. It is vegan too.


The combination of plant powders and mineral powders in Beach Powder absorbs the moisture without drying out your skin and provides extremely gentle natural exfoliation. The result is that Beach Powder leaves the skin totally sand-free and feeling wonderfully silky and smooth!


Of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without an ice-cream, so Stephanie added a light vanilla ice-cream scent to the powder so that the smell of your trip to the seaside lingers on the skin even when you’re back at home.


Next came Beach Powder Shimmer. The idea here is to not only remove sand from your skin but to add a subtle, lustrous sparkle at the same time.


It’s perfect for bringing a bit of glamour to beach holidays or anytime when you feel the need to sparkle. Children love it and adults do too – in fact, the shimmer effect is so beautiful that lots of people use it on their skin purely as a beauty product. For them, the fact that it is a superb sand-remover is an added bonus.


Living on an island as beautiful as the Isle of Man means Stephanie cares passionately about reducing plastic waste and keeping our stunning beaches and countryside clean.


That’s why she sourced recycled cardboard tubes for the packaging of Beach Powder and Beach Powder Shimmer and totally plastic-free ingredients for the cosmetic glitter.


You can buy Beach Powder right here on Rainbow Life.


Buy a pack of three, and it ships for FREE.


Click: Beach Powder - Sand Remover

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