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Hand Block Print- Part 2

by Lisa Clutterbuck 14 Dec 2021 0 Comments
Hand Block Print- Part 2

Why face masks of hand block print cotton fabric?


Because in this beautiful piece of art....Form meets function. Beauty meets safety. Purchasing meets empowerment.


At RainbowLife we not only pay our respects to the extraordinary artisans who make the beautiful hand block printed fabrics but also the artisan tailors who fashion the cloth into something of purpose. 


Artisans supported by the Fair Trade organisation SETU ( A Bridge to Artisans) make the unique face masks that can only be purchased at RainbowLife. 


SETU provides opportunities for women in Rajasthan who may otherwise find paid employment hard to find. SETU trains the women to become skilled tailors and provides sewing machines so that they may work in the safety of their own homes. It also means they can work flexibly around the needs of children and family.

female artisan making face masksfemale artisan making face masks

We wholeheartedly support this enabling work of SETU. Back in July 2020 we purchased many hand block printed cotton face masks of both two & three layer with either elastic & ties, to cater for all needs. 


In response to the wave of uncertainty and with the festive season imminent we are giving a free 100% cotton hand block printed face mask with every purchase. 

Realise the power of your purchase to make a real difference with RainbowLife. 



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