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How to Shop Consciously for Back-to-School Essentials

by Lisa Clutterbuck 29 Jun 2023 0 Comments
How to Shop Consciously for Back-to-School Essentials

Make eco-friendly choices for a greener, more sustainable school year...


Back-to-school shopping can be an exciting yet hectic time for parents and students alike. Amid the excitement, it's essential to consider the environmental impact of the items we purchase and strive to make more sustainable choices. In this blog, we'll provide helpful tips on how to shop consciously for back-to-school essentials, supporting eco-friendly, ethical shops, and promoting a greener school year.

Choose sustainable school supplies
Opt for eco-friendly alternatives when purchasing school supplies:

a. Look for notebooks, paper, and folders made from recycled or sustainably-sourced materials.

b. Select pencils, pens, and markers made from biodegradable or recycled materials, such as bamboo or recycled plastic.

c. Consider investing in refillable pens and markers to reduce waste.

d. Avoid single-use plastic items, such as disposable water bottles or plastic bags, and opt for reusable alternatives instead.

Go for durable and repairable items
Choose high-quality, durable items that can withstand wear and tear:

a. Invest in a sturdy backpack made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton or recycled polyester.

b. Opt for reusable lunch containers made from stainless steel, glass, or BPA-free plastic, which can be used for multiple years.

c. Look for school supplies that can be easily repaired, such as pencil cases with replaceable zippers or binders with removable rings.

Support eco-friendly and ethical shops
Make a conscious effort to support businesses that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices:

a. Research brands and stores that offer eco-friendly and ethically-made products.

b. Look for certifications like Fair Trade, B Corp, or Rainforest Alliance, which ensure that the products meet specific sustainability and social standards.

c. Share your findings with friends and family members, encouraging them to make more conscious choices during their back-to-school shopping.

Reduce, reuse, recycle
Apply the principles of reducing waste, reusing items, and recycling when possible:

a. Assess what you already have before purchasing new items, and reuse supplies from the previous school year if they're still in good condition.

b. Encourage your children to take care of their belongings to extend their lifespan.

c. Properly recycle old or broken items, such as electronics or worn-out backpacks, at designated recycling facilities.


Shopping consciously for back-to-school essentials is an excellent opportunity to promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of our consumption habits. By choosing eco-friendly products, supporting ethical shops, and applying the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling, you can help create a greener, more sustainable future for the next generation.

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