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International Literacy Day

by Lisa Clutterbuck 07 Sep 2022 0 Comments
International Literacy Day

In the aftermath of the pandemic, nearly 24 million learners might never return to formal education, out of which, 11 million are projected to be girls and young women. Vulnerable populations worldwide are likely to have been significantly affected. Through the celebration of International Literacy Day, UNESCO is calling on all actors in the field of education and beyond to re-think the role of literacy.

UNESCO has been working to realize the vision of literacy for all since 1946 in the belief that acquiring and improving literacy skills throughout life is an intrinsic part of the right to education and brings with it huge empowerment and benefits. But despite progress globally, 771 million young people and adults still cannot read and write.

Literacy drives sustainable development, enables greater participation in the labour market, improves child and family health and nutrition, reduces poverty and expands life opportunities.

At RainbowLife we support the work of Vent for Change. Vent's Bright Futures campaign helps to raise funds for essential education and school projects run by Plan International UK. Plan International UK is a children’s charity that has been supporting vulnerable children for over 75 years. Plan works in many areas including; emergency and famine relief, health and sanitation, economic empowerment and education. All money given through the VENT Bright Futures campaign is ring-fenced exclusively to Plan International UK’s education projects. 

Click here for more information about Plan's work. 

This year from 8th- 11th September we are offering a 10% discount on all our Vent for Change products. See our collection here.

Our customers can support these impactful educational initiatives and realise the power of the purchase.

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