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Lets Celebrate Global Recycling Day.

by Hannah Briant 18 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Lets Celebrate Global Recycling Day.

Today, 18th March is a special day for the world of recycling. It's National Recycling Day - and it is an important day to celebrate. 

What is this year’s theme?

This year, the event’s focus will be on the “recycling fraternity” – those who put themselves on the frontline to collect waste and recycling during the multiple lockdowns.

Here are nine simple tips that you can do to reduce waste.

  • Only buy what you need, and use what you buy
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables and avoid items that are heavily packaged
  • Sign up to paperless billing or banking
  • Buy products with refillable packaging
  • If you are able, try home composting your food waste
  • Use refillable water bottles and coffee cups
  • Buy second hand clothing and consider hiring clothing
  • Have a go at replacing buttons and mending faulty zips or fallen hems rather than buying new clothing
  • Buy items that will have a longer life than disposable items, such as rechargeable batteries and use real crockery and cutlery for your parties instead of disposable ones

How you can start recycling at home

In a busy world, recycling can feel like an extra chore, but it’s quite easy.

First, it's important to note that many plastic bags can’t be recycled in the conventional way of popping them in your recycling bin. This is because plastic bags can get caught in machinery and shut down the equipment. To recycle plastic bags, check for your nearest carrier bag collection point.

An important thing to remember when recycling is to ensure everything is clean, dry and empty. If you’re recycling food packaging, ensure you rinse off any residue – it doesn’t have to be crystal clean but too much waste food can make a full load removed from the recycling bank.

If you’re recycling plastic bottles, one of the best ways to make the process easier is to squash the bottles – which stops them from rolling off conveyor belts – and then to screw the lids back on.


Recycle old tech products

In today’s digital world, technology is constantly changing, which means computers, mobile phones, televisions, printers and the like are becoming obsolete and filling up landfill sites quicker than ever before. But before you ditch your old tech in the bin, think about whether it might be useful for someone else. You could try selling it to someone looking for second hand items or spare parts on sites such as eBay or marketplace; not only will it go to a good home to be used again, but you’ll also make some money back. Alternatively, you could try an online mobile recycling company who will pay you for sending them your old phone or contacting your local electronics store to see if they provide recycling options.

Nominate your Recycling Hero.

Do you know people, places, businesses and activities that have continued to support the recycling effort during the pandemic? You can nominate them on the Global Recycling day website.

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