Random Acts of Kindness Day

A random act of kindness is an unexpected act of charity or helpfulness and is often done for a stranger. 

a helpful hand

Here is our top 10 list of kind acts. Why not try some out and see what happens?


1. Send a positive message to someone you think may be having a difficult time.

2. Let someone go in front of you in a queue.

3. Sit quietly with someone who needs a calm moment with support.

4. Be mindful of others' needs & offer a helping hand if you see a need.

5. Help out a single parent with chores or looking after the children.

6. Stop and talk to a homeless person and offer to buy them a sandwich or a mug of hot soup.

7. Lend a friend a book/film.

8. Call a someone who is carer and ask if you can visit & help out. 

9. Take a friend/colleague to watch the sunrise or sunset.

10. Send a handwritten letter/note to someone you feel might be lonely & need hear some kind words of encouragement.

I feel certain that the list between us could be endless. Whatever you do just remember... 

Aesop quote about kindness


The key message today is embodied in the word 'random' (unexpected).

A colleague recently sent me the book ' The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' by Charlie Mackesy. It is beautiful and full of insights & gems. I loved reading it but still I was intrigued as it wasn't my birthday. No, it was a random. And it most surely served it's intended purpose. 

I leave you with a page from my treasured book, given randomly....

Quote from book: ' nothing beats kindness'


PS If you don't yet have the book, might I recommend it for yourself, a friend or a stranger?

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  • In this very fragile world we live in. It is so important that each and everyone of us gives and receives a random act of kindness ! Your top 10 list of kind acts is great and has certainly made me think not just of the people I know but of others I don’t!


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