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Why wear a face mask with ties?

by Lisa Clutterbuck 17 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Why wear a face mask with ties? - Rainbow Life

I am a frontline worker, a teacher in a school for pupils with Special Needs. In most special schools in the UK staff are currently wearing face masks for protection in the communal areas but not in the classrooms as it could be too upsetting for the pupils. We end up needing to take our face masks on and off all day.

I bought these SETU hand block printed cotton face masks with tie strings for Rainbow Life due to their practicality and because the purchase supports a self-help group of women artisans in Rajasthan.

I have given a number of Rainbow Life’s two or three layer face masks with ties to my colleagues. They find these masks super practical as they can drop them on and off quickly and easily as required and don’t have to find somewhere to put them when not in use. We also have lanyards with hand sanitiser around our necks so why not a face mask at the ready too? I gave the three layer masks to my colleagues who are more vulnerable and wanted that added protection. One of my colleagues wears a hearing aid. She finds the string ties way more practical as they don’t interfere with her hearing aid.

This made me realise that our tie masks would be perfect for many frontline workers who spend a lot of the day wearing a mask but who need to drop them on and off now and again to get a breather or to adjust while in different areas of a building. As frontline workers we always seem to be carrying so much about with us so finding a safe clean place for a mask is just another bother that we don’t need right now!

Take a look at our little video which explains how easy it is to use the face mask with tie strings!

If you do purchase a mask or two I really hope you find these useful and that it makes your job a little easier.

>> Setu Face Masks

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