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Tips for Hosting a Sustainable and Ethical Baby Shower

by Lisa Clutterbuck 29 Jun 2023 0 Comments
Tips for Hosting a Sustainable and Ethical Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower is an exciting time to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. However, it's important to keep sustainability and ethics in mind when planning the event. Here are some tips for hosting a sustainable and ethical baby shower:

1. Choose eco-friendly decorations
Choose eco-friendly decorations, such as reusable banners or flowers, to reduce waste. Avoid disposable decorations like balloons, streamers, or plastic tablecloths.

2. Use sustainable tableware
Use sustainable tableware like reusable plates, glasses, and cutlery instead of disposable options. Alternatively, choose compostable or biodegradable options like bamboo or wheat straw.

3. Opt for ethical and sustainable gifts
Choose ethical and sustainable gifts for the expectant parents, such as organic cotton baby clothes or reusable diapers. Encourage guests to give sustainable and practical gifts instead of plastic toys or single-use items.

4. Provide plant-based or vegetarian food options
Provide plant-based or vegetarian food options to reduce the carbon footprint of the event. Avoid meat-based dishes and prioritize seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients.

5. Choose an ethical venue
Choose a venue that prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices. Look for a location that recycles and composts waste or supports social justice causes.

By making conscious choices about the products and practices we use when hosting a baby shower, we can reduce our impact on the environment and support social justice causes. Let's prioritize sustainability and ethics in all aspects of our lives to create a better future for ourselves and future generations.

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