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FAR Luxury Candles


FAR was founded to fulfil a creative urge that had been bubbling beneath the surface for many years! It had always been put on the back burner when bills and children became a priority – office jobs filled this time, namely management roles within the travel and retail industries. In the middle of this office- based career founder Nicole worked a Christmas stint at Jo Malone – just for fun, just to work with beautiful products that she loved. And that’s what inspired her to change the course of her office based career – how cool would it be to hand make a gorgeous product, work with amazing scents and be passionate about sharing this with other people?

So – research and production began in 2017. Lots of testing, lots of mistakes, lotsof learning – lots of determination to keep to the aim of luxury, affordable, sustainable candles with a serious scent on track, until they reached the apothecary inspired brand they are rightfully very proud to share with you today.

FAR Hand Poured Luxury Candles

Working quietly behind the scenes is Keith whose career has followed an unconventional route as an air traffic controller, turned marketing director, turned business owner. Always helping with labels, design and website – without question, the digital rock behind FAR.

The name FAR comes from Nicole and Keith’s children Freya And Robby – or simply FAR. As Nicole says the children were “driving us on inspiring us to create a life that allows us quality time together, whilst working hard producing something we love”.

FAR Owner Nicole

You will absolutely not be disappointed with their candles, they are without a doubt pure bliss...

  • Affordable, hand-poured luxury candles.
  • Made in small batches using a unique blend of coconut and soy wax.
  • Featuring serious scents.


FAR Collection

The FAR Collection


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