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Genki-Upcycled Clothing

Genki-Upcycled Clothing

GENKI is an eco-fashion label, making women’s and unisex clothes from upcycled vintage Indian silk. Every item is beautifully crafted and made with uncompromisingly ethical practices. Every item is one-of-a-kind and high quality. We pride ourselves on making feel good clothing, that is vibrant and fun to wear.

GENKI clothing is made from vintage and recycled silk saris. Every item is handmade and one of a kind. Bold, glamorous and unique clothing with uncompromising ethical practices.

At GENKI we respect people as much as we respect the planet. We stand against fast fashion and instead offer a transparent and sustainable brand with bespoke, beautiful pieces.

GENKI upcycles vintage silk saris into new, carefully designed pieces, celebrating a circular making process. We are proudly conscious and transparent at every stage of production.

The beauty of upcycled designs is that every item has a history - this is what makes each GENKI piece unique. We don't define gender or look to define who can wear our designs. We empower inclusivity within our community. Genki is for everybody, and every body.

Genki-Upcycled Clothing

Eco Practices

We work with independent tailors and fabric traders in Rajasthan, India. We believe in absolute transparency in production and have personal relationships with everyone in the production of Genki clothing. From the families who sell us the recycled fabrics to the independent tailors who make the clothes. Our supply line is simple, personal and transparent with every item handmade with love.


We ensure every step of GENKI is kind to our planet. Not only are we an environmentally conscious brand, but socially conscious too. We source our fabrics from small, family-run businesses in India, supporting local, slow production. We have an amazing network of designers, tailors, factories and suppliers forming our transparent, tightly-knitted supply chain founded on mutual respect and love of beautiful, high-quality fabric. Once finished, our completely unique, upcycled pieces are posted out to you in compostable packing. We encourage you to continue this process by caring for your garment with all the love that was taken to produce it.

Genki-Upcycled Clothing

Camille Dawson – Founder of Genki Designs

My love for silks started when I was little, when I used to visit my French granny. I would spend hours delving into her dressing up box, trawling through her vintage clothes throughout the ages. I was fascinated by the vintage fabrics, the mesmerising patterns and the delicacy of the silk she wore. I wanted some of my own, so she bought me some silk vests, teaching me how amazingly silk keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

As I got older and I went to buy clothes for myself, I was disappointed that nothing I could afford was nearly as vibrant or unique to choose as her wardrobe. Still, my love of fashion did not subside, but over time I became acutely aware of the damage the fast fashion industry has on the environment, and mixed feelings about my love for clothes.

I started to think about starting my own ethical label but wasn’t initially sure what direction to take but when I found myself travelling in Rajasthan, India I was completely in awe with the silks I discovered. I found myself reconnecting with the same childlike glee I had going through my granny’s clothes so many years before… delving into the vibrant colours and unique patterns. Transfixed with the idea that as each silk sari was recycled, every piece had its own little history, its own personal story.

I knew this was it. And so, I began working with different families who specialised in sourcing these silk saris from across the country. Then collaborating with artisan tailors, we upcycled them into beautiful new garments that were not only environmentally sound, but also Fairtrade, supporting small business, and independent makers.

When it came to naming the brand, I thought about the feel-good, happy mood I hoped the clothing would evoke and my mind immediately landed on a word my parents from their days teaching English in Japan; Genki. Genki was one of my favourite words growing up because it’s got a playful quality to say and sure enough it means happy, peppy, energetic. I always found saying the word ‘Genki’ made me feel just that. Before a big day my parents would ask ‘Are you feeling Genki?’ and I’d say ‘I’m feeling Genki!’ and set off with a spring in my step. So, I hope the brand can evoke that joyful feeling for all of you.

The butterfly wrap top came first. This item encompassed everything the brand stands for: the bold sleeves are playful and feel-good and it’s an adaptable shape is inclusive and looks wonderful on all bodies. These tops flew off the shelves and ever since, Genki has been growing organically.

We have loved trading at festivals, online, in shops and beyond and have learnt new things about our designs and sustainable fashion values every step of the way. We are a very people-focused brand and value our customer connection so highly and, as a result, all our designs are directly inspired by conversations with our wonderful customers. It’s an ongoing collaboration which we’re so excited to see where the journey takes us next.

Genki Collection

Genki Collection


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