The Salty Herb

Know the story

Hi! We're The Salty Herb! There are two of us here alongside our little cat who has grown with our business (Peter, Becky and Willow). We are a couple who run our little business from our home studio in Northern Ireland. We both have our day jobs but run The Salty Herb in the evenings/weekends. When we're not working we love to get out for a nice coffee and walk on the beach and play board games! So if you know any nice beaches, good coffee shops or good board games, hit us up!

We created The Salty Herb together in 2019 as we are both passionate about people, plants and the planet. We believe in only using the very best of what nature gives us on the biggest organ in our bodies, and doing so in a way that keeps the planet clean and healthy too. We strongly advocate for self care and self love. Our tagline 'get naked' means two things; our products are fully transparent, using only nature's naked natural ingredients & we also want to encourage people to get naked and spend time with themselves, looking after their skin and learning to love the skin they are in.

When shopping with us, you will get the finest products that are honest, handmade and cruelty free.

Let's work together to reduce waste on our lovely planet by choosing to go green.

Love & good vibes,
Peter, Becky & Willow

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