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Vent for Change

Vent for Change

VENT for Change is a sustainable stationery company that protects the planet & supports children’s education projects worldwide. They combine beautifully designed products with impeccable eco credentials and an ethical purchasing alternative for conscientious consumers. VENT gives 10% of its net sales turnover to supporting children’s education projects worldwide.

Vent for Change invests in children. Many children around the world are being deprived of the education they deserve. Vent aims to make their future a little brighter. Every time we buy from them, they give. Which means every single purchase you make has a real purpose. Nurturing the minds of tomorrow’s farmers, scientists, mechanics and teachers, while taking care of the precious resources they’ll count on in years to come

Vent for Change Gives Back

Educational Products

Vent’s current under-taking, The Bright Futures Campaign, aims to raise £5,000 for essential education and school projects run by PLAN International UK. PLAN works in many areas including; emergency and famine relief, health and sanitation, economic empowerment and education. All money given through the VENT Bright Futures campaign is ring-fenced exclusively to Plan International UK’s education projects.

Vent for Change-Share a Pencil Day

Share a Pencil Day

Since 2017 Vent have been raising awareness of global education issues through their annual Share a Pencil Day. A fun and interactive way for schools, teachers and pupils to explore the reasons why millions of children globally are still missing out on an education, and why that matters.


Vent for Change Collection

Vent for Change Collection


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