Beach Powder - Original - Sand Removing
Beach Powder - Original - Sand Removing - Rainbow Life
Beach Powder - Original - Sand Removing
Beach Powder - Original - Sand Removing
Beach Powder - Original - Sand Removing

Beach Powder - Original - Sand Removing

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As seen on Dragon's Den- Make your trip to the beach a good one. Love the beach but don’t want to take the sand home with you?

Beach Powder removes sand from the skin, effortlessly! It’s talc-free, all-natural and safe for your skin and for the environment.

Just sprinkle it onto sandy-skin, brush off with hands and the sand comes off as if by magic, leaving skin totally sand-free and silky-smooth, with a delicate vanilla scent.

-Safe for adults, children and babies (even in the nappy area).
-Now all your beach-days can end smoothly!
-Watch our video for the ultimate kids' product test.

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-Each pack contains 100 g
-Beach Powder is an all-natural, talc-free powder for removing sand from the skin. 
-It’s made from a mixture of plant and mineral powders and scented with vanilla. 
-The plant powders in Beach Powder absorb the moisture on your skin so that sand falls off, whilst the mineral powders in the formula provide extremely gentle natural exfoliation. 
-The result is that beach powder leaves the skin totally sand-free and feeling incredibly silky.
-Biodegradable cardboard packaging with minimal plastic top for durability. 



Our mission is to revolutionise your beach days. Sometimes the thought of sandy hands when you’re eating your picnic, or of the kids’ complaints as you rub down their legs when it’s time to go home is almost enough to put you off going to the beach at all!

You love the beach, but you hate bringing sand into the car, into your house or into your holiday hotel room! You need to be able to get rid of sand instantly, with no rubbing, so that you can picnic, apply sun cream or slide on your sandals with no sand and no fuss.

We are on a mission to make leaving the beach as simple and as laid back as the rest of your time there.

We’ve all tried balancing on one leg next to a tap on the beach to try to rinse the sand off with cold water. Children aren’t keen and let’s be honest, neither are we!

Your towels are already sandy and trying to dry yourself with them leaves you almost as sandy as when you started! Beach Powder and Beach Powder Shimmer remove sand instantly. No rubbing, no rinsing, no fuss!

Plus they don’t contain talc or any other nasties, so you can relax knowing that they’re safe for you and safe for the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Suzanne Dyer
Beach powder

It is really good and works

Ann Kennedy
Miracle powder

Amazing powder, it certainly is marvelous and takes the sand away completely from the hands and body. Definitely recommend any mum to get it for their children, especially when they are going to eat they don’t get a mouthful of sand with their food.

Guilherme Borges
Just like magic

The sand goes away, just like magic. Perfect for kids and above all, it's sustainable and safe for the environment. ;-)