Gorora Soapstone Oil Burner - Rainbow Life
Gorora Soapstone Oil Burner - Rainbow Life
Gorora Soapstone Oil Burner - Rainbow Life

Gorora Soapstone Oil Burner

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Soapstone has been used for centuries across many cultures. From jewellery in Ancient Egypt, to bed warmers in the arctic, to non-melting whisky "ice" cubes in Scotland. 


Here we present a gorgeous hand carved artisanal essential oil burner. Soapstone is relatively soft because of its high talc content, which makes it easy (for a rock) to carve.


Gorara is an Indian soapstone with a natural marbled appearance and this lamp has been completely hand carved by master craftsmen using traditional skills.


For decades these stones have been quarried around Agra, in India - home of the famous Taj Mahal.


Simply place a tea candle in the base, fill  the reservoir saucer with water and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and let the aromas infuse the air.


We like this oil burner as the saucer reservoir is removable making for easy filling and can also be inverted to transform it into a lovely lamp casting a gentle, flickering, ambient light.


We'll even throw in a couple of tea lights to get you up and running (just in case you don't have any). Otherwise, it's like getting a battery operated toy at Christmas and no batteries. Not much good that, is it?


Don't forget your essential oils though. You can find some here: Rainbow Life's Awesome Selection of Essential Oils.

Height: 13cm

Never leave burning candles unattended. For use with T-lite candles only.

Stone colour will vary slightly

Made in India

Fair Trade

Shared Earth's mission is to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged people in developing countries, benefiting local community projects and keeping alive traditional skills that would otherwise be lost.

Shared Earth aims:
  • To pay fair prices for products
  • To always offer 50% payment upfront to overseas producers
  • To ensure working conditions are acceptable
  • To provide advice on design and product development
  • To support suppliers and their local communities
  • To avoid child labour
  • To commit to long term relationships with suppliers



Customer Reviews

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Good quality

I bought one of those plastic electric diffusers off of Am*zon and it broke quite quickly. I wasn’t happy about sending the plastic to landfill. This soapstone tea light burner is a great replacement and an improvement of my calm evening routine. Happy customer! Well made and the tea light glow through the pattern is lovely.

Health care 💚 Earth Care 🌍 Fair Share 🤝