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Whether you are an insomniac or simply want to drift off into la-la-land peacefully we have something for you.

An invaluable piece of advice by one of the UK's leading insomnia consultants: take a warm bath about an hour before you plan to sleep and ensure your bedroom is fairly cool. As your body temperature drops it will start producing melatonin which will aid you to drop off to sleep naturally.

It is important to go to bed and get up at regular times. Try to step away from screen time long before bed and get into the habit of a soothing bedtime routine.

Take a look at the carefully curated range of products to aid your soothing sleep routine: bath products, massage candles, wooden massage tools, essential oils for massage, lavender wheat bags to soothe any aching muscles (great for restless legs too) and candles to create a peaceful atmosphere.

We have selected a range of bath products with ingredients that have sleep inducing properties.

If Yoga or meditation is your thing (also highly recommended to address insomnia), then take a look at Yoga Life.

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