Zuri Design

Zuri Design was started 17 years ago by Helen Scanlan, who worked in Kenya and Uganda as a volunteer over a number of years. Helen saw the opportunity to alleviate poverty through the trade of handmade gifts and jewellery.

Once set up as a wholesaler, Zuri Design financed a start- up workshop in Kibera slum, employing and training former street boys. Since then, Zuri Design orders have created work for more than 200 men and women in Kenya and Uganda, within over 10 workshops.

Working so closely with people from slums in Kenya, means Helen has witnessed first-hand the hardship of living in poverty and the positive impact Zuri Design has within the communities, providing them with livelihoods so people can work their way out of the cycle of poverty.

By ordering Zuri Design’s unique products you help to change lives, directly.

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