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  1. Oil Burner-Flamingo Cut Out Design
    Description Anyone know the answer to these flamingo questions? 1. Why do flamingoes stand on one leg?2. Why are flamingoes pink?3. What is the collective noun for flamingoes? If you know the answers you may be in need of a Flamingo Oil Burner or a flamingo eco bag? Porcelain Oil Burner featuring...
  2. Oil Burner-Porcelain Blue Tree Of Life
    Description A very pretty cut-out Porcelain Oil Burner featuring a soft blue glaze.This Oil Burner is hand cut in Thailand. The intricately hand cut-out patterns adorn the surface of the porcelain and cast shadows when lit.The Celtic Tree of Life symbolises the forces of nature coming together in perfect harmony to maintain...
  3. Sale
    Rainbow Oil Burner
    Description Lovely, cheerful, hand painted, ceramic rainbow oil burner with horizontal stripes. Sure to cheer you up on a gloomy day! This oil burner is certified Fair trade. See our collection of essential oils that work well with this oil burner. Specifications Size H 10.5 x W 10 cm.Made in Thailand. Instructions for use:...
    £13.40 £14.90
  4. Soapstone Oil Burner-Leaf Design
    Description This Palewa soapstone oil burner is hand carved in India by the master craftsmen of Agra, descendants of the artisans who worked on the Taj Mahal. Infuse the workplace or home with a sense of tranquility and harmony.Soapstone has a natural high density and will not harbour bacteria of any kind....
  5. Gorora Soapstone Oil Burner
    Description Soapstone has been used for centuries across many cultures. From jewelry in Ancient Egypt, to bed warmers in the arctic, to non-melting whisky "ice" cubes in Scotland. For decades these stones have been quarried around Agra, in India - home of the famous Taj Mahal. Here we present a gorgeous hand...
  6. Oil Burner-Bird Design
    Description This ethically traded oil burner from Thailand marries beautifully form with function. We like the removable reservoir for practicality and the eco design of a bird taking flight for tranquility. The pretty crackled blue glaze adds to the charm. Specification Made in ThailandMaterial: PorcelainSize: 7.5(w) x 7.5(d) x 9.5(h) cm. Story Shared...
  7. Gorara Stone Oil Burner-Elephant
    Description Who doesn't love an elephant? A stunningly beautiful creature. I chose this oil burner for the elephants marching around it, the removable reservoir, (which I find so handy for filling and cleaning) and the beautiful Gorara soapstone it is made from. Then I found out more about Gorara stone, wow! Gorara soapstone shows...
  8. Oil Burner Hand Carved Sandstone-Abstract Cuts
    Description We are all familiar with these beautiful Oil Burners carved in Soapstone with traditional designs that have been passed down the line for centuries. This one is a little different. If you are looking for something with a modern art flair to it, then this is for you. Carved from sandstone...
  9. Oil Burner Hand Carved Sandstone-Leaf Design
    Description This meticulously carved Indonesian Sandstone oil burner/ lamp is good enough to be a beautiful centrepiece in any room. Unique hand carved by Javanese artisans this Sandstone Oil Burner has a great shape and exceptional colour. With removable brass reservoir. Oil burners are great to use with any of Rainbow Life's...
  10. Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet-Dragonfly
    Description This aromatherapy diffuser bracelet will allow you to wear your favourite essential oils or any of our special blends wherever you go while also experiencing the positive health benefits they provide. Check out our essential oils here Each locket contains a tiny piece of pad which holds a few drops of...
  11. T Light Scented Candles, Organic Goodness, Nagpuri Narangi Orange
    Description Pure bliss! No sunset, no worries. Here is your means to create a perfect sunset. Gorgeous scent and gorgeous packaging. Organic Goodness comes up trumps again with these gloriously and naturally perfumed T Lights. We think they are perfect for the festive season, that's why we have put them in our...
  12. Organic Goodness Pooja Gift Box
    Description We are not usually ones for a gift box but this one is most certainly different- no plastic in sight. This Organic Goodness Pooja Gift Box is handmade in India, environmentally friendly, non toxic, no child labour is used and no animal by-products either. Recycled paper is used for all...
  13. Gift Set-Pamper Your Partner
    Description I imagine the following as perfect use for this Gift Set. The title is encouraging: Pamper Your Partner. I like that idea. Worth every penny already. I am surprised by my significant other sitting me down in a comfy seat. I notice a candle burning in the corner and the room, a tad warmer than usual,...
  14. Essential Oil Blend - Energising
    Description Need some pep, vim, verve or perhaps a little moxie? Then try this Energising Essential Oil Blend. This is a premium essential blend with a wonderfully stimulating and refreshing mix of Peppermint, Frankincense and Lemon to revitalise energy levels during a hectic day. Stay alert and combat fatigue whilst driving by putting a few...
  15. Essential Oil Blend - Relaxing
    Description Eyes closed please. Deep breathe in..... hold.... hold..... hold..... hold.... and..... out.... slowly, slowly. And, two, three, four, five and.... out, two, three, four, five.... Feel your whole body just melt onto the mat. Every muscle going soft and supple. As you relax, become aware of your senses....
  16. Essential Oil Blend - Sleep Easy
    Description Get yourself totally relaxed and ready for slumber with Ancient Wisdom's gorgeous Sleep Easy Oil Blend. This blend of Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage and Bergamot essential oils can help you relax before you go to bed, get a good night sleep and even reduce snoring. This unique blend helps relax...
  17. Essential Oil Blend - Happiness
    Description Create a Happiness around you and within you with Premium Happiness Essential Oil Blend. This is a premium essential blend with a wonderfully uplifting mix of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit, known for helping lift depression, soothe a broken heart, and may also serve as an aphrodisiac. Cheer up your driving companions (especially...
  18. Essential Oil-English Lavender
    Description English Lavender essential oil is the concentrated liquid containing volatile aroma compounds steam distilled from the lavender plant. Lavender has been used for centuries to help heal various ailments from minor cuts, bruises and burns to chronic diseases like rheumatism, asthma and dermatitis. This essential oil, like most others,...
  19. Essential Oil-Eucalyptus
    Description For their healing and aromatic properties, essential oils were considered more valuable than gold to the ancients. When it comes to the wide range of benefits of Eucalyptus oil one can totally see why! Eucalyptus essential oil is said to be antibacterial, disinfectant and an analgesic. It has been...
  20. Essential Oil-Lemon
    Description Lemon Essential Oil has a sharp, fresh smell and is extracted from the fresh lemon fruit peel by cold expression. This oil is refreshing to the mind, and sharpens concentration, so it is often used beneficially in room fresheners. Equally effective at home or work. It is believed to help...
  21. Essential Oil-Patchouli
    Description Patchouli Oil is extracted from the Pogostemon cablin plant of the mint family and has a rich musky-sweet, spicy smell. The plant is native to Malaysia and India, where it is known as 'puchaput'. The word patchouli is derived from Tamil 'pachchai ilai' meaning, simply, 'green leaf.' Patchouli oil is...
  22. Essential Oil-Neroli Dilute
    Description This is one of the most popular essential oils for its wonderful smell as well as its therapeutic properties. It is soothing and uplifting. Neroli oil is very calming and is said to relieve chronic anxiety, depression, fear, depression, shock and stress. This Neroli essential oil is produced from...
  23. Essential Oil-Peppermint
    Description Peppermint Essential Oil is said to be good for ailments like asthma, colic, fever, flatulence, headache, nausea, chest congestion and vertigo. This oil is used for mental fatigue and depression, refreshing and stimulating with its menthol content. It is good for the skin and is used in lotions to...
  24. Simmus Oil-For Colds & Flu
    Description Ancient Wisdom Simmus Oil is an amazing blend of pure essential oils to help relieve the symptoms of colds and blocked noses. This unique blend of orange, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, camphor and geranium essential oils is designed to clear the airways. Inhale a few drops on a handkerchief or muslin...